UTC Culture City

UTC Culture City - A mega 200 acres Integrated Residential Township project in north Bangalore, with World Class international standard amenities. It’s pure bliss is what culture city & is your weekend villa project will be surrounded by fruit growing trees taking you that much more closer to Mother nature….. Plots near North Bangalore / Devanahalli.

UTC Culture City, plots in north Bangalore / Devanahalli, is an ideal investment option as it in near to National Highway, near Bangalore International Airport / Devanahalli, both the sides of the project led to rapid development in the area. A plot at the Culture city is guaranteed to fetch you good returns as the appreciation value of the land is high..

Be it an investment option or your own weekend getaway, it can’t get better than Culture city for you….

You don’t just buy a plot in the Culture City, you are buying a peace of mind. The serene setting of the gated community is what you been longing for all this while. You are surrounded by the goodness of nature where everything is a new experience be it going for a stroll, playing with your kinds. Every moment as enriching experience……

A whole new world. A smooth ride from the city on highway will take you to a world of your dream in no times. We assure you, Culture city will be a constant source of happiness for you. Plots near North Bangalore / Devanahalli.

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