Our Team

It’s the Chairman & Managing Director and his team of over 60 employees, which mainly consists of an able Executive Director, General Manager, Marketing Managers, Sales Manager, Human Resource & Admin Manager, Accounts Manager, Legal Advisors, Sales and Service Executives, Architects, Engineers and other office related vital members who complete a strong unit, which has brought both name and reputation to the Company. It’s this dedicated group that has accomplished a great many things and is now fully equipped and ready to take new challenges, in the days to come. No matter where they reach, one thing is sure that they will always be willing to push themselves that extra bit, to make the client, always satisfied and happy. For it’s you that completes them. It’s your joy that brings joy and satisfaction to them.

Our team is our most valuable resource and the main reason for our success. Our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients is a credit to their quality and their leadership. As experienced marketers, designers, creative heads, developers & project managers, our people have the strategic, planning and creative skills to conceive, design, and develop the best project. We take pride in having a team of extremely experienced professionally committed to develop and provide the best infrastructure.

The team at UTC Group (UTC India Pvt Ltd.,) work with a culture based on respect, trust, and values. We believe in providing to our employees a professional and dynamic atmosphere to cherish every moment. We actively provide ample opportunities for recreational activities like fun-filled outings, outdoor activities, sports and events etc. to have a fun filled work style. Fun at work is our solution to realize full potential of our employees to deliver outstanding business performances. For employee satisfaction we regularly work on rewards, benefits, etc. Training and Development programs are a regular in the company.